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Quick overview:
Plaque tape is designed to stick plaques/trophies together. It is very strong. If you use it to hang your nameplate or holder, you will have a hard time getting it back off the wall/door without removing paint or more.

Foam tape is also strong, and easier to remove from a wall/door without damage. Downside? it is 1/16th" thick and pushes your sign/holder off the wall that much.

Velcro-type Hook and Loop and Rubberized Magnetic Tape are also available.

Our custom signs usually come with plaque tape on the back.
Our Wall/Door Name Plate Holders have holes for screws (not provided or recommended),
​but if you want to use screws to mount them, 1 inch drywall screws work well (1/4" head tapered to 1/8" hole).
Price: $1.20

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Hanging your Holder or Sign

Price: $1.20


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Price: $1.20


Plaque tape is great for most mounting surfaces - including cubicles, and recommended for ID Tags, Trophy Tags, Name Plates as well as Name Plate Holders. Velcro-type hook and loop is also available.


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"It looks EXACTLY as the photo looks, with my name of course. It arrive in two glass pieces with a adhesive strip on the glass with your engraving on it. You remove the adhesive tape then hold the engraved piece on the base for about a minute. After that it stays on its own. I have had it for about 7 months now and no problems."
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