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At Lasercrafting we provide Outstanding Customer Service, Quality Products and Fast Shipping.

That's it. That's all you need. Give us a try. You won't be disappointed.


Free Freight on all orders over $10.00!


$10 min order or a $3.50 shipping fee will be added

We ship via USPS first class mail to a US address


See our FAQ page.  Feel free to let us know what other information might be helpful to have out there.

Order Process:

When we receive your order, we print the details along with a shipping label.  This might generate an email to you saying that we shipped your order.  Don't be alarmed.  We're fast, but not usually that fast!  We'll then send your order to the engraving team, after which it will come back to a QC group who sorts the orders, then it goes to the shippers - who ship your order not long after you placed it.  Amazing!

Shipping Policies:

Fast shipping is our passion.  If you order before noon one day, we strive to ship your order the next day.  This doesn't always work, but we're fast.  Consider taking the order, designing it and engraving personalized information on the right size and color material - for several hundred orders a day in only 24 hours.  Unheard of.  You won't get that kind of service anywhere else.

This lightning fast service is only possible if you give us complete customization information during the order process.  For large lists of customized signs it is often better to send us a file.

Our standard shipping method is USPS.  Upon checkout, you will have the option of choosing standard delivery or expedited delivery (for an additional fee).

For our business customers we can offer FedEx shipping (as an exception) if you provide us your shipper account number and choose your delivery speed.  Again, use this option only as an exception, not the rule. Customers are always more satisfied when they order in plenty of time for production and shipping without having to stress about it arriving on time.  Remember, failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.  We will do all we can to help, but we can only do so much.

Shipping Rates:

Free Shipping by USPS with a $10 minimum order.  If you need faster delivery, we can ship COLLECT on your FedEx account number.  To do this, choose the "expedite my order" option at checkout and add your FedEx account number.  Tell us exactly what service you requre.  If you do not request a service, we will send your shipment by 2-day delivery.

Delivery times by USPS for standard shipping (first class) range from 5-7 working days depending on location (we ship from Southern Utah).  If you choose USPS Expedited Shipping, delivery is usually listed as 2-3 working days.
For example, Standard shipping to CA is about 3 days, and to New York/Florida is about 5 days.  For Expedited service, CA is about 2 days and East Coast is about 3 days.


Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on personalized items unless it was our mistake (that's why we take all order requests in writing).  If we made a mistake, please call or email us to bring this to our attention.  We are quick to make things right.  We do not re-ship orders under a faster service than the first order was shipped.


Your personal information is safe with us.  We will never sell or use your contact information for any other purpose than to facilitate your order and contact you occasionally about specials or changes you might be interested in (you will have the option to opt out of some of these communications).


Sorry Utah, we have to collect sales tax on your orders.  But, due to the differing rates and rules across the nation, Tax is not collected on orders from other states.  It is your responsibility to pay appropriate taxes to appropriate government agencies.

Here are more detailed policies for those of you with lots of time to kill.


"The quality of the desk name plate I ordered is impressive. Probably much too nice for a 5th grade teacher's desk ... LOL....Quality at an affordable price. "
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